About Us:

Children of Batey Central holding hands in the area of where the clinic  will be built

Sending70 is a medical mission EHR designed to organize patient care, prayer request and communication between medical mission teams. The idea behind its design is to create a seamless bridge between patient care and spiritual growth/needs for mission teams that may not know each other and go at different times. 


Features of Sending70 app:

  • App version is completely free for single iPad use!
  • Patient organization and search can be defined by areas or cities in case of multiple mission locations.
  • Sending70 follows a SOAP note format and is designed for simplicity of patient information entry.
  • Patient care and charting for ongoing vital signs, clinical notes, prescriptions, conditions and allergies along with other features. 
  • Ability to document patient prayer requests, prayers answered and faith based material desired for continued spiritual growth. 
  • Patient schedule is designed off of four needs: medical, dental, vision and surgery. It is formatted to make it easy to either prescreen and preplan the medical mission team’s week or schedule and treat the same day. 
  • Future treatment needs can be saved, organized, and planned for future medical mission teams.
  • PDF Reports can be generated concerning patient records and prayer requests to allow for planning of medical mission trips and prayer concerns. 

Our full version includes the ability to generate a pharmacy inventory, increased reporting power and real-time data sharing between multiple iPad/computer users within a shared LAN.  Please contact us at info@sending70.org for more information on how to get our full version.

We would love your feedback on how we can improve our software!