A Father's Love, A Love Without End

We were blessed on our last trip to Batey Central to meet Oliberto, better known to our team as "Oliver".  We worked for three hot days digging and pouring footings for the future medical/dental clinic in the batey.  Oliberto lives in Batey Central and was one of the first people to arrive to help us prepare the foundation for the clinic. He was also one of the last to leave.  He was one of our strongest team members both physically and mentally.  Below is a picture of one of his ingenious devices used to assist us in bending the rebar for the footings.


My name is Oliberto.  I have five kids and I have always looked for a good future for them.  In fact, that is why I'm so glad to be working to get the clinic built.  For my family and I, it is a great privilege to work on the construction of the clinic for a better future.

I thank God for putting that in your hearts.

Thank you,


 1 John 3:18 states, "Let us not love with words or speech, but with actions and in truth."  Oliberto wasn't there to help us build the clinic out of obligation or financial gain.  His actions those three days illustrated his love for his family and his hopes and dreams for their future.  That type of unselfish love is a taste of the unselfish, unending love that led God to send His one and only son, Jesus, for us all.

No seat, No pedals, No chain, All Smiles

Before Jesus fed the five thousand, He asked one of his disciples, Philip, “Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?” Philip answered him, “It will take more than half a year’s wages to buy enough bread for each one to have a bite!” Then another disciple found a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but asked Jesus “How far will they go among so many?”  After seeing Jesus perform many miracles, His own disciples still doubted their teacher’s requests.  Despite His disciples doubts, Jesus took those five loaves and two fish and fed five thousand men as well as the women and children in the crowd. 

When we were given the vision to create a medical database that would link medical missions with telecommunications, we had the very same questions and doubts.  But I have realized over this first year of Sending70 that if we try to approach any situation without prayer and guidance of Christ then we are trying to feed a multitude with just five loaves and two fish.  Without Christ’s love and heart centered in the middle of anything in our lives, that little bit of food will only go so far.  

We returned yesterday from our first Sending70 mission trip to Barahona, Dominican Republic.  The last five days have taught me that I need to be more like the little boy, bringing the loaves and fish to Christ and letting Him work through his children to feed the multitude.  We arrived in Batey Central not knowing what to expect on this trip.  We had our reservations and doubts about safety, the agenda for the clinic, and the number of people we would treat.  We couldn’t have ever invisioned the outpouring of community support we received. .  

In our previous story, Wilkyns Chal Bautista gave us his testimony of how God changed his life and how, through the school he started this past year, he was trying to fullfill God’s calling for his life through the children of Batey Central. Since most of the people of Batey Central are not citizens of the Dominican Republic, they are not allowed the privileges of public schools. And without educations, most find it difficult to find jobs or get any type of health care.

On this trip, we came prepared to treat some medical and dental needs of the children of this school and attempt to break ground on our first clinic.  We were ready for hard working conditions; for example, extremely rocky soil, almost no power supply, and limited access to tools.  We arrived at the school early Wednesday morning to only Wilkyns and two of the students.  Within minutes of our arrival we were surrounded by numerous people of the community, ready to help us work.  Some were parents of the children in the school and some were just people who wanted to help.  They were not there with expectations of us handing out free items.  You could see in their eyes, their smiles, and their actions the hope that Christ has created in them for growth and future development of their community through the school and the future clinic.  In those three days, our team worked side by side with the people of Batey Central helping them dig and pour footings for a clinic that to us would meet their physical needs. To them, however, it meant not only help with their physical needs, but a hope that through Christ they could have a chance to change the direction of their community.  

Max Lucado termed the phrase “accident of latitude” in the book “Outlive Your Life.”   Each person in this batey is every bit as intelligent as each of our team members.  We share alot of the same dreams and aspirations and have a lot in common.  They were just born in the wrong place.  

“A latitude void of unemployment insurance, disability payments, college grants, Social Security, and government supplements. A latitude largely vacant of libraries, vaccinations, clean water, and paved roads.  In the game of life, many of us who cross home plate do so because we were born on third base. Others aren't even on a team.

Some people are poor because they are lazy. They need to get off their duffs. Others, however, are poor because parasites weaken their bodies, because they spend six hours a day collecting water, because rebel armies ravaged their terms, or because AIDS took their parents.”                                                                     -Max Lucado

Wilkyns Story

Wilkyns and his beautiful wife, Melissa

Wilkyns and his beautiful wife, Melissa

     When we thought about who our first life story would be, there was no question who's story needed to be first.   Wilkyns M. Chal Batista, born and raised in Batey Central, is answering his calling from God to help his community learn how to grow closer to Christ through education and loving like Jesus.  Wilkyns received an education from a university in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in education.  He has the option to have a paid position at any local school or university but he says that God hasn't called him to live for a salary but by faith.  Wilkyns started a school in Batey Central this last year that focuses primarily on Christ, but provides children with an education and self discipline as well.  The children in his class, who would not normally have had a chance at an education due to lack of citizenship, finished the first grade this summer.  The first Untiled Faith clinic will be built next to the school.  Here is Wilkyns's life story:

How God Changed My Life

     I was born in Batey Central, Barahona, in 1983. I'm one of six kids.  When I was still a kid, my Mother and my Dad broke there relationship.  My mother kept her four kids at that time.  She was still very young so it was very hard for her to raise us up by herself.  Anyway, she kept working and doing her best to give us at least something to eat.

     One day, she decided to go to the capital and work there and send us money, so she did; leaving us with my grandmother.  She worked  in the capital for some months, then she realized that she needed to come back.  She got back and got another Job in Barahona.  

     Two years later, she married another man. But things didn't change too much for us.  So, at the age of eight, I decided to build myself a shoe shining box, and I started shining shoes on the street.  With the money I made, I helped my brothers and sisters, giving my mom the money to get food for us.

     At that time, I used to go to school in the morning and to the ball field in the afternoon. Those were tough times. I still remember that one Sunday night when I got back home from the street and there was nothing to eat so I gave my mother the money I made in order to get some food.  I still thank God for giving me the opportunity to help my family.

     After turning fourteen, I gave my life to Jesús.  It happened one day in the afternoon after coming back from the baseball field. There was a pastor preaching the gospel and after preaching, he invited me to come to the Lord and so I did.  After that, God started working in my life and changing my life to do his will.

     At the age of fifteen, I wanted to learn English, but I couldn't pay for it so I found someone who gave me an English book and I started teaching myself.  Some years later, I could speak a little bit. After graduating from high school, I could speak more and I could see God working more and more in my life.

     I was in college when I met my brother Kevin Fusell, and I really thank God for him.  He has been used by the Lord Jesus to bless my life.  I thank God, because He used Kevin and his family (his Wife Jennifer Fusell) to bless my family.  Without their support, it wouldn't  have been possible for me to get my college degree.  

     I know God has a lot of people like them ready to be a blessing life to others.  I have to say that God has used everything they did for me to turn that to his glory.  In fact, while I was still in college, God put in my heart to start the ministry with the kids.  God is still using what Kevin and his family did for me.  Well, not only them.  There are a lot of people I can mention like, Pastor Dough with his Bible teaching and the Rineholt family, who have trusted in me and are working with me in this ministry. Also, Lewis who gave me a great opportunity to be a translator with Calvary Chapel of Delta.  Hey, I can mention many others, but I wouln't need to write a whole book to say how God has used their life to change mine.

     So let me tell what really changed my life.  It was knowing that God lives in my heart. We all have a purpose on this earth. God has created us for his glory.

The School in Batey Central

The School in Batey Central

     Our lives and everything that happens in them is because God wanted them to happen.  Being a young man who grew up in a batey, sometimes suffering hunger, sleeping on a dust floor, having to work at an early age, I can now say that I understand why God allowed me to go through all this hard situation.  I didn't understand it before, but now I understand that He has a purpose behind all situations in our lives.

     Dear friends, I ask you to pray for everything we are doing in Batey Central and also that God's will keeps being the number one thing in our lives.

May God bless in a great way.

Love in Christ,

Wilkyns M. Chal Batista.