A Father's Love, A Love Without End

We were blessed on our last trip to Batey Central to meet Oliberto, better known to our team as "Oliver".  We worked for three hot days digging and pouring footings for the future medical/dental clinic in the batey.  Oliberto lives in Batey Central and was one of the first people to arrive to help us prepare the foundation for the clinic. He was also one of the last to leave.  He was one of our strongest team members both physically and mentally.  Below is a picture of one of his ingenious devices used to assist us in bending the rebar for the footings.


My name is Oliberto.  I have five kids and I have always looked for a good future for them.  In fact, that is why I'm so glad to be working to get the clinic built.  For my family and I, it is a great privilege to work on the construction of the clinic for a better future.

I thank God for putting that in your hearts.

Thank you,


 1 John 3:18 states, "Let us not love with words or speech, but with actions and in truth."  Oliberto wasn't there to help us build the clinic out of obligation or financial gain.  His actions those three days illustrated his love for his family and his hopes and dreams for their future.  That type of unselfish love is a taste of the unselfish, unending love that led God to send His one and only son, Jesus, for us all.