Where We Are:

Sending70 is a pioneer ministry utilizing today's technology to serve the poor. Our first clinic will be in Batey Central, located in Barahona, Dominican Republic. Batey Central's population is made up primarily of Haitian immigrants or people of Haitian descent, many of whom have no citizenship and are thus not entitled to education, medical treatment and other public services. 

Historically, the population of the many bateys across the Dominican Republic were enslaved to work sugar cane fields. Many men and women died due to hard living and working conditions. Basic necessities of life were not available and still today residents are denied access to clean water, simple medications, jobs, and safe homes. 

A school was constructed in a resource challenged area of Batey Central in 2011. Children in this school do not have citizenship or any documentation that would allow them to attend government sponsored schools. Sending70 is constructing this first clinic adjacent to the school as a continuance of the efforts to bring encouragement and relief to this area.

Ultimately we strive to allow God to open hearts to the healing power of Christ through faith. Matthew 28:18-20 calls for us to make disciples of all nations, teaching them how to live as disciples themselves. We hope to empower and strengthen them through existing social relationships and civic engagement using the gifts God gave us all.