Sending70 - Providing real-time continuity of care for underdeveloped areas

New Frontiers in Care and Treatment…


Volunteers collect medical information from families

We’re proud to announce that Sending70, a portable medical records system designed to be used in remote regions, is being deployed by Hispaniola Mountain Ministries at their clinics in the Dominican Republic.


Portable system permits caregivers to make “house calls” to collect medical history

With a goal of providing medical and dental care to rural communities of the Hispaniola Mountain region, HMM has been working closely with Sending70 to improve medical record keeping that is essential for quality care.

We have streamlined the data collection process to provide quick and accurate access to medical treatment and history records for the treatment team. Insightful feedback has led us to implement many improvements over the past year.

In addition to providing up-to-date medical information for clinic personnel, the system incorporates access to a prayer network and spiritual support for patients who desire it.  These photos are from HMM’s latest mission trip in June 2015.


HMM volunteers on the scene in June 2015.

Interested in using Sending70 in your clinic? E-mail and include your organization’s details. We’ll send you more information on our patient database solution including options for turn-key deployments.