Sending70 - Providing real-time continuity of care for underdeveloped areas

Our Goal, Our Prayer, Our Hope

A young girl and her family now have hope…

Bringing hope to Our goal is to bring to them a sense of hope by bridging the gap of short term and long term medical care.

artCherin_early_photoThis is a picture of a little 13 year old girl named Cherlin, who lives in a community of Anse a Pietre in southeast Haiti. She has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and for the first 12 years of her life she lived on a cardboard box with a small hole where an old rope was threaded through it to allow for her mother to move her around.

Not only is giving her medical care financially impossible, there are no government subsidized programs, zero electricity and no access to a wheel chair or vehicle to transport her to a doctor.

We have partnered with an organization called Hispaniola Mountain Ministries to install the Sending70 program throughout their ministry in the Dominican Republic and Haiti to illustrate the usefulness and revolutionary changes that longterm medical care can bring to these communities. Now HMM can take an iPad to Cherlin’s house to allow physicians to monitor her progress and needs, creating what she and most people in these communities lack the most, hope!

photoThis is Cherlin as of May, 2014. With the help of HMM and ongoing care using the Sending70 program, she and her family now have that hope.

Our goal is to expand our organization throughout the medical mission field. Can you imagine the hope of change, if each organization can bring sustainable medical care throughout the world with most physicians not even having to leave their local offices or even homes?

Now with today’s technology and your help, we are definitely closer to seeing that goal fulfilled.

Thank you!