Sending70 - Providing real-time continuity of care for underdeveloped areas

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Medical care on the go…

For the last two years, Sending70 has been working toward the creation of a portable electronic medical record for medical missions.

02_PhotoThe vision of Sending70 started from a desire to use modern technology to help create sustainable medical care for medical mission organizations with a long term focus in mind.

Up until now, medical missions have only had the option of short term care with temporal medical fixes. This has been due to trips lasting three to five days in one area with a rotation of different people every few months. This created a lack of organization and thus lack of continuity of care.

Now with the help of Apple’s iPads and the Filemaker software, we have created a database that will allow for the continuity of care within the city or even in the jungle. This allows medical missions to create organization and keep track of a patient’s past and current medical conditions and needs.

photo 4With Sending70, patients can have their blood pressure, diabetes, HIV, or prenatal care needs treated and followed up with a long term focus.

In fact, the possibilities are endless to how many people this technology can help.

The amazing part of the software is its ability to equip a missionary in a remote area with access to the best medical knowledge and advice.

03_PhotoAll they need to do is obtain diagnostic information about a person with a medical need and with only about five minutes of internet time to sync up to an internet server, they can receive help from a U.S. based physician for aide in diagnosis and treatment of that patient.