Who can I contact for support with the Sending70 app?

Please send all support inquiries to info@sending70.org.

Which devices is the app compatible with?

The Sending70 app is optimized for iPads running iOS version 10 and greater. We've found the iPad Mini is a great size for using all day with patients.

The app will not work on Android tablets, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Can I use Sending70 on my Mac or PC?



I am having trouble signing in with my username or password.


We do have a self-hosted version of Sending70 available for use on Macs and PCs. The version can share data with up to 4 other devices including iPads. Please email info@sending70.org for more information.




Make sure when you log out of the sending70 app that you completely log out and close the app.  Then click on the "Open Patient Database" box and it will then take you to the log in screen.  The log in screen will not work if the "Open Patient Database" box is not chosen first.