Sending70 - Providing real-time continuity of care for underdeveloped areas

The “Virtual” Clinic

Serving places where medical care doesn’t exist…

Sending70 envisions a process that essentially creates a virtual clinician for under-served communities and countries where medical care simply doesn’t exist.

05_PhotoImagine not being able to give your child medicine when they are running a fever of 104 degrees. Just imagine how hopeless it feels when someone becomes ill in countries like Haiti, where some areas have a child mortality rate of greater than 75 percent. U2’s Bono coined the term “accidents of latitude” meaning that anyone of us could have been born in the same settings of any of these developing countries.

Imagine not being able to look into our medicine cabinets and take an Ibuprofen when we have a headache or a sore back. Fortunately for us, we were born on third base instead of stuck halfway between home plate and first base.

The people that this software could benefit do not have the same dreams or life goals that we have the privilege of entertaining. These people live their lives finding food and fending diseases off of their families.

01_PhotoSending70 makes use of all three Filemaker technologies – FileMaker Pro 13, Filemaker Go 13, and FileMaker WebDirect. Optimized layouts were created for data entry on the iPads and the WebDirect interface was tailored for the physician’s data review. We sync the databases to the server using the 360Works MirrorSync plugin.

The solution is scalable with a MacBook Air acting as a local database server. The number of users at each clinic can increase if needed.