Sending70 - Providing real-time continuity of care for underdeveloped areas

Our Vision

Overcoming obstacles to providing health care

The vision of Sending70 born from a need to provide sustainable health care to underdeveloped areas.

00_Photo_DentalContinuity of care has been one of the most significant obstacles to providing long term care in underdeveloped countries.

Overcoming this obstacle is now within reach. Recent technological advances have paved the way for patient medical information to be as accessible in these areas as they are in the American clinic where secure information is accessed via the Internet. This allows the professional provider to view any and all patient’s medical history, including images, treatments, medications, etc.

With only very limited Internet access, which is available even in remote areas, files can be updated for review by a specialist. This review can result in diagnosis and prescription for treatment. As an example, a locally trained technician in a third world country can enter examination data, including video images, into the database for professional review by a specialist in another country. Thus professional medical care can be made accessible.